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This board is designed to help increase knowledge and understanding of hydroponic gardening from nutrient to medium, from younglings to fruit or blossoms. It also includes topics of hydro-organics.
Styrofoam Grow pots
by Mike Keeton
9/10/2001 10:18:55 AM

I just got back from Disney World in Orlando, and they had these stackable styrofoam planters that stacked up on each other to make a really cool hydro system. They said they get them from some place in California. Wondered if anybody knew where or how to get these or what they are called?

RE: Styrofoam Grow pots
by HydroGirl
9/16/2001 9:43:20 AM

I think I have seen what it is you are talking about. These type of vertical hydroponic systems are popular for growing strawberries and lettuce. Although I do not know a brand name or a supplier at this time, it may be worth a try to do a search for "vertical hydroponic gardens" or something like that. I will have alook in some of our vendors catalogs and see if we cn't supply you with more info.
Thanks for checking us out!

Styrofoam Grow pots
by kkilgus
8/21/2009 5:02:14 PM

try www.vertigro.com

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